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One includes e-cigarettes, another bans tobacco sales in drug stores
Say Utah effort gives advantage to Big Tobacco
CSP Magazine
The industry, retailers and advocates for and against tobacco monitored the progress of a proposed tobacco sales ban as a bellwether of ongoing control efforts
Missouri state law also may prevent city restrictions
CSP Magazine
Not surprisingly, heated accusations are coming from a politician—but politicians aren’t the only ones whose emotions are running high over potential e-vapor regulations.
CSP Magazine
When is an adult not an adult? That question is being asked more frequently as an increasing number of states, and now local governments, seek to place further restrictions on the sale of tobacco products by raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products. However, raising the legal age also has unintended financial consequences for retailers and state governments.
“Mayor de Blasio has made clear he supports a ban on large sugary drinks”
First state to ban plastic bags at retail; c-stores have until 2016 to comply
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Governor says he’ll “probably” sign bill for sake of consistency