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CSP Magazine
Would we break another record? That was the question on everyone’s minds coming into this year’s NACS State of the Industry Summit.
Alain Bouchard
Mergers & Acquisitions News

Bouchard hints at strategy, location for next major acquisition

Ascentium Capital LLC. logo
Funding milestone reached amid recognition
Credit Card
Can the Financial Choice Act pass without affecting swipe fees?
TravelCenters of America
Corporate News

Litigation and less demand leads to loss, prompts new cost-cutting...

Corporate News
RaceTrac's Billy Milam explains the record sales from 2016.
QuikTrip foodservice
Foodservice may be a ripe opportunity for c-stores, but competition from traditional restaurants.
Cash and credit cards

New tech from internet of things, mobile, debit and EMV

Credit cards
Action could cost retailers millions in swipe fees