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BP's Miles fuel pump
Fuels Technology & Equipment
BP partners with GSTV on technology rollout
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Several chains who have installed E15 at the forecourt in the past...

Family Express
Fuels News
Chains make moves to add alternative fuel in 2017 .
U.S. gas pipelines
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Routes to provide basis for alternative-fueling network across 35 states
Gas pumps
Fuels Technology & Equipment
New lock features make prying door open more difficult
Sheetz gas pump
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More locations to come in Virginia as chain taps into USDA grants
Credit card chip
Fuels Analysis
EMV upgrades, fueling transactions and other developments set to shape 2017
Bar code
One-time-use barcodes provide retailers with secure mobile offers, discounts
Sinclair gas station
Deploys merchandising solution to brand’s flagship station