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Merchandise margin increases offset lower fuel margins
gas prices
Retail Fuels Prices
National retail price more than $1 below 2015 peak, but for how long?
CSP Magazine
A snapshot of what's been pumped, burned and bought through fuel metric studies done on today's gas prices.
CSP Magazine
Retailers who sell compressed natural gas (CNG) all seem to have a personal anecdote that demonstrates the incredible price stability of the alternative fuel.
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14-cent drop in two weeks
Gas Prices Sign
Retail Fuels Prices
GasBuddy’s annual forecast projects even lower prices—assuming all goes smoothly
Lowest Gas Prices
Retail Fuels Prices
AAA: 38 states posting averages below $2 per gallon; 17 below $1.75
GasBuddy Low Price Awards
Retail Fuels Prices
GasBuddy annual survey reveals which chains had the lowest prices
FTC ethanol label
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Retailers must post labels with exact ethanol concentrations