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gas prices margins
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End-of-month margins beat year-ago July levels, says Raymond James
Lundberg gas refiner margins
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Chicago + L.A. = no change in national retail price
bp gas price sign August 2015
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What caused “historic” wholesale gasoline price spike?
Marathon Petroleum Corp. MPC
Corporate News
Says Ky. AG's case is "rhetoric" that "fails to allege any unlawful conduct.
Harris Poll: electric vehicles EVs hybrids
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Interest in electric vehicles, hybrids shows little change since 2013
Great Lakes Midwest gas prices GasBuddy AAA
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Prices have risen “at paces rivaling and exceeding prior records,” says GasBuddy
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette; State Senator John Proos (R)
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Also sends letter to BP calling for "transparency".
OnCue compressed natural gas CNG
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More compressed natural gas fueling locations coming this fall
BP Whiting refinery
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Effect of refinery unit shutdown rippling through retail in Great Lakes region