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Fuels News
California keeps national average from dropping further, but for how long?
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Fuels News
“A quicker demise to fossil-fuel dependency”? Tom Kloza has his say.
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Fuels News
What will it take to overcome the hurdles to electric-vehicle charging at c-stores?
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Corporate News
Rolls out new ARCO image, will add 550 convenience stores by 2020
CSP Magazine
Cheap gas prices, a growing economy and shifting demographics laid the foundation. Better coffee, tastier food and ramping up all things convenience retail triggered the profits. The year 2015 rocked!
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Fuels Technology & Equipment
Marketers consider how to preserve high-profit two-year trend
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Fuels Analysis
New standards not expected to require introduction of E15 gasoline, says PMAA
Richard Browne
A little known technique to reduce equipment-improvement costs by more than 10%
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Retail Fuels Prices
National average expected to drop below $2 for first time since 2009