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For c-store retailers, the allure of messaging fuel-only customers with enticing in-store deals has undeniable appeal. However, those beacons are pinging into nowhere—at least for now.
Marketing Strategies
But which channel saw biggest increase?
CSP Magazine
The world of prepaid and gift cards is about to undergo a sweeping transformation, and smartphones and digital habits are the catalysts. The foundational shift comes from the growing use of mobile phones as transactional devices.
NACS Show sessions cover loyalty, along with data sharing, security
Speedy Rewards MasterCard eliminates need for separate membership card
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Teams up with Intel, Wincor Nixdorf, GSTV for cloud-based solutions
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How to survive in a competitive environment, regardless of channel
Reflects mission to offer decoupled debit payment solutions beyond cards
Fuels Technology & Equipment
POS, mobile payments and rewards solution eliminates credit-card fees on fuel purchases