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Major Growth in C-Store Sales for Beer Subsegments

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The double-digit growth of craft and import beer case sales in convenience stores is admirable, but it's alcohol cider that made a real splash in 2014, growing 125%, according to IRI data, while the beer category as a whole was flat.

52 weeks ending Jan. 4, 2015

Category/Segment Dollar sales percent change from a year ago Case sales percent change from a year ago
Craft beer 26.6% 23.4%
Cider 123.4% 125.3%
Domestic malt liquor 2.8% 0.3%
Domestic premium beer -0.1% -0.7%
Domestic sub-premium beer -3.0% -3.8%
Domestic super premium beer 11.3% 8.8%
Import beer 13.3% 10.9%
Non-alcohol beer 1.7% -0.6%
Progressive adult beverages 3.2% 2.7%
Total beer 3.1% 0.7%
Total wine 7.2% 5.7%
Spirits 14.2% 16.0%
Coolers 6.6% 8.2%

Source: IRI Infoscan

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