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NEW YORK -- Beverage sales are up 4.3% in convenience stores so far during the second quarter, according to a Wells Fargo Securities survey of convenience retailers.

The increase "is significantly higher than the retailer expectations of a 1.3% increase for Q2 last year," analyst bonnie Herzog wrote in a summary of the survey. "This year, 46% of respondents indicated an expectation of a rise of over 5% vs. last year, when just over 30% of respondents indicated that beverage sales were expected to be up over 5% in Q2 2013 vs. 2012."

Isotonics, energy drinks, flavored waters and single-serve soda (likely driven by multi-purchase promotions) have led this growth, and have helped offset weakness in multi-packs.

"One retailer that indicated sales were down in his stores suggested that 'losses are all coming from CSDs. The water category and non-carb (energy/tea/coffee drinks) are both up high single digits.' While we are encouraged by the overall improvement in beverage sales in the c-store channel, we remain concerned about the health of CSDs," Herzog wrote.

A look at some of the survey results by major manufacturer: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Monster.

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