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Distributor Data: Prepaid UPCs

Calendar year 2013

The top-shipped prepaid UPC from McLane in 2013 was the $100 Visa gift card.


1. Visa $100 gift card

2. PayPower Prepaid VISA brochure

3. American Express $100 gift card

4. Visa $50 gift card

5. Boost $50 phone card

6. Visa $25 gift card

7. Visa $100 GPR card + $3.95 purchase fee

8. Verizon $15 phone card

9. American Express $50 gift card

10. Amazon $25 gift card

Source: McLane Co.

McLane Co.

Prepaid & Financial Services: Convenience Retailer Averages

Year-end 2013

To provide a snapshot of the financial services and prepaid category in c-stores, InComm, an Atlanta-based distributor of stored-value and prepaid products to the c-store channel, has shared average daily revenue figures (ADR) for what it considers best-in-class and middle-tier retailers, as well as those who have room for improvement. Included in the charts below are ADRs for wireless—the total prepaid mobile top-up business—and long-distance and financial services, which includes open-loop and general purpose reloadable cards (GPR).

C-Store Sample: Prepaid & Financial Services ADRs

Best in Class      
RetailerWireless ADRLong-distance ADRFinancial-service ADRClosed-loopContent (gaming/music)Total ADR sales
Retailer A$67.89$1.93$214.79--$12.61$297.22
Retailer B$72.44$0.85$97.16$21.43$25.70$217.56
Retailer C$67.06$0.80$107.45$4.52$7.06$186.89
Retailer D$52.16$0.79$88.44$10.05$4.88$156.32
Retailer E$58.03$2.03$82.47$1.52$0.12$144.17
Middle of the Road      
Retailer F$63.88$0.29$60.64$1.11$3.74$129.68
Retailer G$54.69$1.49$40.91$13.18$8.99$119.25
Retailer H$40.94$0.75$25.37$2.47$6.00$75.54
Retailer I$38.73$3.00$22.01$0.11$0.74$64.59
Retailer J$52.54$0.32$4.33$1.27--$58.46
Retailer K$32.01$0.32$21.60$0.40--$54.33
Retailer L$16.63$1.22$33.80$1.55--$53.21
Room for Improvement      
Retailer M$3.90$0.20$32.85$15.29$0.70$52.94
Retailer N$36.32$0.43$13.55$0.52$0.21$51.03
Retailer O$30.36$0.17$2.87$0.91$0.12$34.53
Retailer P$27.61$0.27$3.36$0.65--$31.89
Retailer Q$21.08$0.19$7.58$1.77--$30.62
Retailer R$15.33$0.51----$3.38$19.22
Retailer S$14.03$1.97$0.20$0.40--$16.60
Retailer T$1.99$0.53$0.25$0.05--$2.82

Source: InComm

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