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Jerky Sales Growth Picks Up in 2014

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Jerk sales trend in convenience stores
Jerky sales growth in convenience stores has slowed over the past two years, but picked up going into 2014.
Best-Selling Jerky Brands in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending Jan. 26, 2014

BrandDollar SalesPCYAUnit SalesPCYA
Jack Links$302,674,5003.34%60,140,700-1.44%
Private label$25,108,0400.12%3,924,8491.05%
Old Trapper$21,689,29027.17%7,757,26417.35%
Jack Links Matador$19,136,580-2.17%3,332,159-12.45%
Oh Boy Oberto$16,370,81064.58%2,681,53259.18%
World Kitchens$14,399,13024.01%1,431,19611.27%
Wild Bill's$13,827,8100.58%3,377,105-10.15%
Tillamook Country Smoker$11,798,450-12.54%6,006,552-10.14%
Billy D's$8,070,316-4.29%1,045,393-3.27%
No Man's Land$6,844,22237.61%832,05235.36%
Oma's Choice$6,116,743-21.35%656,172-25.48%
Mingua Beef Jerky$5,486,6517.80%745,9486.89%
Jack Links Smokehouse$4,684,40625.20%4,556,56828.81%
Jack Links KC Masterpiece$3,612,4804.59%940,7452.15%
Slim Jim$3,079,824-38.80%587,467-43.69%
Oh Boy Oberto Classics$2,968,63118.19%774,71317.22%

Double-digit changes in the percentage of unit sales growth of various brands of jerky suggest consumers are willing to try new and different brands. Jerky unit sales in convenience stores were up 1.41% during the 52 weeks ending Jan. 26, 2014, according to data from IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide).

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Hispanic Brand Loyalty

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Hispanics are expected to number 66 million and make up 19% of the population by the year 2020, according to the U.S. Census and other source. On average, Hispanics are younger and have larger households compared to non-Hispanics.

In part to see how those elements might affect retail trends, ThinkNow Research, Burbank, Calif., surveyed U.S. Hispanics and non-Hispanics via its ThinkNow Research National Hispanic Omnibus Survey with field dates of Jan. 13 to 24, 2014, and Feb. 10 to 21, 2014.

The survey found Hispanics express more optimism about the U.S. economy compared to non-Hispanics, with 37% of those Hispanics surveyed saying they expect the economy in 2014 to be better than last year, while only 27% of non-Hispanics said the same.

On questions of brand loyalty, the survey found if Hispanics' usual brand is not available where they normally shop, they are more likely to go to a different store to find it or to come back a different day, particularly for food/beverage products.

Brand loyalty is also clearly strongest among the least-acculturated segment of Hispanics. The less-acculturated are particularly prone to leave your store if the item they’re looking for isn’t there, according to the survey.

ThinkNow Research discussed the survey results during CSP's Driving Impulse Sales meeting in April.

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: March 2014

Shopping Preferences By Acculturation

Usage of convenience stores for buying snacks is consistent across acculturation levels for Hispanics.

If you were out running errands one day, got hungry and decided to get a snack, what would be your first choice of place to go if you could go anywhere--to a grocery store, a convenience store, a fast food restaurant, a drug store, a donut shop, or anywhere else?

Top PlacesLess AcculturatedBiculturalMore Acculturated
Fast-food restaurant27%32%43%
Grocery store29%20%19%
Convenience store11%13%13%

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

Buy Snacks at C-Stores by Gender

Hispanic males are nearly twice as likely to buy snacks at c-stores vs. Hispanic females.


Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

Types of Snacks Purchased

At convenience stores specifically, salty snacks are the most popular types of snacks among both Hispanics and Non-Hispanics.

Hispanics are more likely to buy sodas/cold beverages vs. non-Hispanics. This is driven mainly by males. Hispanics are also more likely to seek energy/granola bars at c-stores.

 Convenience Store Overall* 
Salty snack30%25%11%8%
Soda/cold beverage18%7%10%6%
Candy bar15%14%4%5%
Hot food item10%12%23%28%
Ready-to-eat sandwich6%9%12%13%
Meat snack5%6%2%2%
Energy/granola bar5%--2%1%
Trail mix4%1%2%1%
Coffee/hot beverage1%3%7%5%
Ice cream1%--3%3%

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

*Includes c-stores, grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, coffee/doughnut shops and others

Which Snacks?

If Hispanics had to choose one snack to buy at a convenience store, salty snacks and candy bars are the most popular. Hot food items rank third. Also, Hispanics are 2.5 times more likely than non-Hispanics to seek out yogurt at a convenience store.

If you were out running errands one day, got hungry and decided to get a snack, and your only choice was to get something at a convenience store, what one snack would you be most likely to pick?

Salty snacks/chips15%19%
Candy bar15%19%
Hot food items11%12%
Ready-to-eat sandwich10%9%
Salty nuts7%5%
Energy/protein bar7%5%
Ice cream5%2%
Meat snack4%7%
Trail mix4%4%
Protein shake2%1%

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

By Acculturation Level

Certain convenience store snacks are especially popular among the least-acculturated segment of Hispanics, including ready-to-eat sandwiches, fruit and yogurt.

Regarding sandwiches, the more-acculturated group is lost to QSR’s; offering QSR-type amenities at convenience stores may retain some as loyal customers.

If you were out running errands one day, got hungry and decided to get a snack, and your only choice was to get something at a convenience store, what one snack would you be most likely to pick?

 Less AcculturatedBiculturalMore Acculturated
Ready-to-eat sandwich15%9%6%
Candy bar15%14%15%
Salty snacks/chips11%14%18%
Hot food items9%13%8%
Energy/protein bar8%5%10%
Salty nuts5%8%7%
Ice cream5%4%5%
Meat snack2%4%5%
Trail mix2%4%5%

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

Snack Foods Consumed in Past 3 Months

hen Hispanics are asked what snacks they consume in general, potato chips and tortilla chips are the most common, followed by popcorn and peanuts.

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

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