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Meat Snacks: 2013 Growth--5.6%; Future Potential--$250 Million

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Better-for-you product categories are growing at three times the rate of traditional packaged snacks, according to The Nielsen Co. And consumers are demanding real protein. Sixty-seven percent of the population said they are seeking protein daily, according to research by Nielsen and The NPD Group, and yet meat snacks have only 25% household penetration, showing a big opportunity for growth.

Convenience-store sales of jerky finally surpassed sticks in 2013, up 5.6% in the 52 weeks ending Dec. 28, according to The Nielsen Co. However, this is about one-half the growth rate of all other channels and a break from two previous years of double-digit growth. The difference in pace may be driven by competitive channels that have placed jerky at their front-end checkouts.

The trick for c-stores is to increase meat-snack purchase frequency and drive traffic into the store. A 5-point increase in this household penetration would equate to $250 million in sales.

Impulse opportunity: Consider adding single-serve jerky to draw more customers into the category. According to Nielsen, 41% of jerky units and one-quarter of sales are from single-serve packages, which have a lower price point—$3.99 vs. $6.99 for a multi-serving package—and encourage buyers of lower-priced snacks to trade up.CSP, Nielsen Co., Oberto Brands

Data presented by Stephen Oberto of Oberto Brands during CSP's 2014 Driving Impulse Sales Forum.

CSP, Nielsen Co., Oberto Brands
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A Mixed Bag of Salty-Snacks Sales Data

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C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

Convenience store sales of salty snacks were a mixed bag in 2013, judging by IRI figures. The largest segment, potato chips, saw units off 2.6%, and cheese and corn snacks both lost unit volume as well. On the upswing: tortilla/tostada chips, snack nuts, pretzels, trail mixes and ready-to-eat popcorn, among others.

SubcategoryC-store sales
($ millions)
PCYAUnit sales
Potato chips$1,382.31.2%884.1-2.6%
Dried meat
Other salted
snacks (no nuts)
Snack nuts$482.37.5%401.72.7%
Cheese snacks$457.52.3%300.0-2.3%
Corn snacks
(no tortilla chips)
pumpkin seeds
snacks/trail mixes
Ready-to-eat popcorn/
caramel corn
Pork rinds$155.91.3%108.3-2.9%
Toasted corn nut snacks$48.4-13.7%32.4-15.1%
salted snacks

Source: IRI

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