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Balancing better-for-you and indulgent makes for aggressive innovation
‘Rotting fish,’ ‘armpit’ top list; ‘wet dog,’ ‘soil’ fall short
gummy bears
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German gummy manufacturer will open its first North American candy factory
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In a challenging year, four top companies saw brand value decline in...

7-Eleven Trolli Sour Brite Sloth gummies/Trolli Pineapple Lime Slurpee
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Convenience-store chain teams up with Trolli on 'weird' new treats

ENroute Market
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New convenience store shows route to health ‘on the way’

Terra chips
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The company featuring more than 75 new products across all its brands...

Packing facility
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Snacks roll out at Arizona-based manufacturer and distributor

Amazon.com online ordering
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The 10 best-selling snacks on Amazon.com today