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Bakery Snacks Recover on Hostess' Comeback

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Bakery snack sales in convenience stores
A year ago, Hostess Brands, then recently bought out of bankruptcy, was just launching what it called "the sweetest comeback ... ever." Turns out the boast may not have entirely been hyperbole. Four of the company's brands--Twinkies, Zingers, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs--have seen triple-digit growth in convenience stores since then, leading a rebound of the entire bakery snack category after four down to flat years of unit growth. The category grew 9.35% during the 52-week period ending Aug. 10, 2014, according to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide).
Top Bakery Snack Brands in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending Aug. 10, 2014

BrandDollar salesPCYA*Unit salesPCYA*
Little Debbie$133,254,96815.12%156,142,8486.64%
Bon Appetit$69,752,5282.54%38,651,192-1.56%
Hostess Twinkies$34,646,428348.69%19,863,178319.27%
Hostess Zingers$31,415,436138.38%17,765,298114.76%
Mrs. Freshley's$31,010,318-8.69%24,075,272-8.45%
Private label$27,557,3920.13%22,516,236-0.21%
Hostess Ho Hos$19,431,516307.42%11,038,505273.54%
Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie$18,718,69617.64%23,820,1143.19%
Mrs. Baird's$12,274,724-4.51%8,226,584-6.87%
Hostess Ding Dongs$11,683,550310.09%6,617,773271.84%
Tastykake Kimpets$11,554,544-0.76%6,659,152-0.92%
Tastykake Kandy Kakes$10,411,093-8.03%5,945,932-8.47%
Mrs. Freshley's Dreamies$9,460,990-15.00%7,057,078-10.91%
Tastykake Tasty Klair$7,924,707-8.21%5,444,787-6.35%
Bimbo Panquecitos$7,711,7538.37%4,870,6897.68%
Tastykake Juniors$7,395,413-12.96%4,379,817-12.69%


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