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Total Nicotine Conference
Opening the door to new tobacco products and higher profits
CSP Magazine
The war over tobacco sales continues to be fought on the state level.
gasoline money
Fuels Analysis
New coalition pushes to move obligation further downstream
pumping gasoline
Fuels News
Legislator opposes lifting ban, says fuel retailers would not pass along savings .
CSP Magazine
In June, Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to pass a tax on soft drinks, positioning the measure as a revenue booster rather than a means of promoting public health. Here are 4 significant statistics to know about the tax ...
cigarette tax
New budget includes tax increases on cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and OTP
ballot box
Proposal would increase price by $2 per pack or equivalent for OTP, vaping
Fuels Analysis

As traditional fuel taxes fail to cover funding for roads, states eye...

cigarettes are expensive
Proposed budget would increase taxes by $1 per pack