Breakfast/Cereal/Snack-Bar Sales Up 2.1% in 2013

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Breakfast/Cereal/Snack Bar Sales Up 2.1% in 2013 in Convenience Stores

Snack-bar sales improved by more than 2% in 2013.

Best-Selling Breakfast/Cereal/Snack Bars in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending Dec. 1, 2013

BrandDollar SalesPCYAUnit SalesPCYA
Kelloggs Rice Krispies Treats$58,805,9605.39%48,334,930-0.40%
Kelloggs Nutri Grain Bars$30,548,160-0.15%34,373,720-1.51%
General Mills Golden Grahams$13,955,790-7.91%10,325,240-9.14%
General Mills Lucky Charms Treats$10,103,3402.27%7,279,9292.04%
Kelloggs Special K Bar$9,029,962-9.68%10,166,010-11.44%
Kelloggs Special K Pastry Crisps$7,787,067473.74%8,796,576466.28%
General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treat$7,647,7179.09%5,487,9109.01%
General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch$4,374,513-6.87%4,723,833-8.27%
General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios$4,368,703-7.65%4,766,728-8.30%
Rickland Orchards$3,678,153467.03%1,986,974463.35%
General Mills Cocoa Puffs Treats$3,147,905-22.96%2,264,112-22.83%
Nature Valley$1,919,792NA1,670,229NA
Mrs. Freshleys$1,617,857207.27%1,297,380190.74%
Best Maid$1,478,11111.77%936,1242.51%
Private label$1,356,54239.11%918,36258.98%
Larabar Uber$1,241,834160.37%680,922164.24%
Kelloggs Special K Fruit Crisps$1,186,505-71.50%1,343,193


Bobos Oat Bars$814,050-3.10%245,887-5.05%
Tastykake Fruit & Yogurt$701,319-16.25%886,199-16.38%
Janey Lous$561,564-41.95%236,852-40.07%

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After two years of unit-sales declines, the breakfast/cereal/snack-bar category got back on track with more than 2% unit growth and nearly 6% dollar growth through most of 2013, according to data from IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide).

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