Continued Double-Digit Growth for Nutritional Bars

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Continued Double-Digit Growth for Nutritional Bars in Convenience Stores

Unit sales of nutritional bars continue to grow by double digits.

Best-Selling Nutritional Bars in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending Dec. 1, 2013

BrandDollar SalesPCYAUnit SalesPCYA
Kelloggs Special K Protein$56,862,4004.97%30,340,7500.39%
Power Bar Protein Plus$35,219,42013.48%14,225,92023.15%
Supreme Protein$29,252,0806.98%9,738,3935.64%
Met Rx Big 100 Colossal$17,906,2707.99%5,421,0265.85%
Met Rx Protein Plus$17,126,010-0.52%5,199,982-1.55%
Clif Builder's$16,841,10027.01%7,067,00725.81%
Power Bar Harvest$15,852,910-0.08%9,503,18310.88%
Met Rx Bigg 100$15,544,790-4.43%4,790,600-4.23%
Power Bar Performance$14,710,080-7.10%7,847,375-8.09%
Kind Plus$11,376,200157.20%5,604,540161.24%
Nature Valley Energy$11,076,670NA7,291,324NA
Snickers Marathon$11,059,89012.24%5,539,60110.97%
General Mills Fiber One$10,548,180-4.03%10,146,570-7.69%
Pure Protein$10,386,33038.03%4,121,31244.72%
Power Bar Triple Threat$10,120,760-19.60%5,706,373-20.05%
Kind Fruit & Nut$9,625,43462.31%4,725,30963.42%
Tigers Milk$7,631,5783.07%6,566,384-2.00%
General Mills Wheaties Fuel$7,516,528-19.85%4,134,087-19.62%



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Nutrition bar sales have grown by double digits in convenience stores over the past four years, according to data from IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide). Seven of the top-20 brands, however, saw unit sales decline in 2013.

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