Driving Candy Impulse Sales

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CHICAGO -- Shoppers generally spend 10 to 20 seconds making a candy-buying decision in a convenience store.

A recent presentation, title “Core Facts to Drive Impulse Sales,” of consumer data made by the Hershey Co., Hershey, Pa., during CSP’s Driving Impulse Sales Forum in Chicago provided a collection of data to help retailers get the most out of that time frame.

Source: NACS SOI 2013, Meyers Research 2012

Retailers need to leverage the attractive characteristics of candy to drive sales in convenience stores, where 42% of consumers make a candy purchase once or twice a week, spending $5.70 total market basket on average.

Source: Nielsen Home Scan Panel, Video Mining 2012

Candy consumers respond positively to merchandising programs, providing cross-merchandising opportunities, and chocolate-candy merchandising generate the highest lift.

Source: Meyers Research Center C-Store Close Up

Candy-buying decisions are typically made in less than 20 seconds.

Source: Meyers Research Center C-Store Close Up

Out-of-stocks and poor merchandising are no-nos. Sales are lost when customers cannot find their preferred item.

Hershey Co.
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