Hispanic Brand Loyalty

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Shopping Preferences By Acculturation

Usage of convenience stores for buying snacks is consistent across acculturation levels for Hispanics.

If you were out running errands one day, got hungry and decided to get a snack, what would be your first choice of place to go if you could go anywhere--to a grocery store, a convenience store, a fast food restaurant, a drug store, a donut shop, or anywhere else?

Top PlacesLess AcculturatedBiculturalMore Acculturated
Fast-food restaurant27%32%43%
Grocery store29%20%19%
Convenience store11%13%13%

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

Buy Snacks at C-Stores by Gender

Hispanic males are nearly twice as likely to buy snacks at c-stores vs. Hispanic females.


Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

Types of Snacks Purchased

At convenience stores specifically, salty snacks are the most popular types of snacks among both Hispanics and Non-Hispanics.

Hispanics are more likely to buy sodas/cold beverages vs. non-Hispanics. This is driven mainly by males. Hispanics are also more likely to seek energy/granola bars at c-stores.

 Convenience Store Overall* 
Salty snack30%25%11%8%
Soda/cold beverage18%7%10%6%
Candy bar15%14%4%5%
Hot food item10%12%23%28%
Ready-to-eat sandwich6%9%12%13%
Meat snack5%6%2%2%
Energy/granola bar5%--2%1%
Trail mix4%1%2%1%
Coffee/hot beverage1%3%7%5%
Ice cream1%--3%3%

Source: ThinkNow Research Omnibus Study: February 2014

*Includes c-stores, grocery stores, fast-food restaurants, coffee/doughnut shops and others

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