Bottled Water ‘Under Attack’

More than 90 universities have enacted or proposed sales bans

NEW YORK -- The beverage industry find itself under attack once again, according to Paragon Financial Ltd. After seeing government anti-obesity campaigns ban the sale of soda in schools, groups are now focusing on bottled water as their next target.

According to The Ecologist, a magazine aimed at “setting the environmental agenda,” more than 90 universities across the United States have either banned or plan to ban bottled water on their campuses, Paragon reported. Brown University, which once sold 320 million bottles of water a year, banned sales in dining halls in 2010. Bottled water has even been banned in places like Grand Canyon National Park.

"The ban on the sale of bottled water on college campuses restricts freedom of choice for students to choose one of the healthiest beverages available in vending machines," Chris Hogan, vice president of communications for the International Bottled Water Association, said in a statement, according to Paragon. "Removing the students' freedom to choose packaged water is a serious issue. Telling students that they can or cannot buy bottled water is a step backwards, especially with the growing rates of obesity and diabetes in the U.S."

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