CBX Adds 'Liquid Sunshine' Back Into Sunkist Soda

Dr Pepper Snapple Group enlists brand agency to refresh packaging


NEW YORK -- Brand agency CBX recently collaborated with Dr Pepper Snapple Group to refresh the packaging graphics for Sunkist Soda.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group recognized an opportunity to reposition the Sunkist Soda brand, introduced in 1978, going back to its "fun-in-the-sun" roots and targeting teens with a bull's-eye age of 16 years, in order to better differentiate from competitors within the orange segment. There was then the opportunity to better align the packaging graphics with the revised brand positioning--"Sunkist Soda lets you shine."

It engaged CBX for this challenge.

"Since 2008, our packaging has been missing the original sun graphic, an equity that has been present for much of the brand's history. Without it, we lost a connection to our California beach story and lacked differentiation within the orange segment," said Eric Blackwood, director of brand marketing of core flavored soft drinks at Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

With this in mind, the CBX team worked with Dr Pepper Snapple Group to determine the visual opportunity areas for Sunkist Soda.

"The sun graphic provided us with a great platform for expressing the brand. Our opportunity was to visually express the idea of 'liquid sunshine'--it was all about harnessing the positivity and vitality we associate with the sun and using that energy to gain relevancy with our target," said Satoru Wakeshima, CBX general manager.

The design solution: CBX refined the "playful" script brandmark to capture a "California surf" vibe, and it introduced fresh flavor colors to give the package a sun-like glow. The reintroduction of a sun and condensation convey summer beach energy. By reversing the blue and white brand colors, and staging the logo right on the sun, CBX helped Sunkist Soda embody "liquid sunshine" and stand out on the shelf, the company said.

New York City-based CBX specializes corporate identity, consumer branding and retail. Its client base includes Del Monte, General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, A&P, Pathmark, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Lord & Taylor, Wawa, Sunoco and PetroChina.