Double Cola Rolls Out QUAD Energy

Company's first non-CSD developed to be low-cost alternative to higher-priced energy drinks

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- The Double Cola Co. is rolling out QUAD Energy, the first noncarbonated soft drink brand introduced in the company's more than 90-year history and the first of three new product lines to hit store shelves this year.

QUAD Energy comes in five flavors: Re-Charge, Low-Carb Kick, Lime Craze, Berry Fusion and Orange Twist. The flavors of QUAD Energy are an added benefit to the functional energy drink, said the company, and consumers can enjoy the energy drink without experiencing a prominent vitamin taste.

QUAD Energy will be available in select markets including central Georgia, central Kentucky, southern Indiana, southcentral Virginia, southcentral Ohio and more.

The company said that it developed QUAD Energy over the course of the last year to fill a consumer need for a high-quality, low-cost alternative in the growing energy drink category. With a suggested retail price of 99 cents for a 16-fluid-ounce can, QUAD Energy "offers consumers an attractive alternative to high-priced energy drinks," the company said.

The product line will be distributed via the company's current direct-store distribution (DSD) network, as well as through new distribution partnerships.

QUAD Energy is a natural progression for and meets the need of current distributors looking for an energy drink that can complete well in today's competitive energy drink market, said the company.

"The level of excitement we're receiving for the brand can be attributed to the brand's bold, compelling graphics and the superior taste of the product. These elements, coupled with the support of our distribution system and our go-to-market plans, are sure to breed success," said ys Mitch Reed, director of sales for The Double Cola Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.

The company makes Double Cola; Chaser lemon-lime; Ski lemon-orange; Jumbo grape, orange, peach, strawberry, fruit punch, pineapple, root beer and now watermelon, green apple and strawberry-kiwi; and Oranta orange carbonated soft drink brands.