Have Mercy

Hangover prevention beverage debuts

NEW YORK -- The makers of Mercy, a new beverage that they said helps prevent hangovers, introduced the product following a private tasting for members. One 8.4-ounce can of Mercy, consumed during a night out, will counter the aftereffects of up to five alcoholic beverages, according to the company.

"The morning after is really too late for recovery," said Mercy CEO Dave Shor. "There are products on the market that promise relief the day after alcohol consumption, but by the time a hangover sets in, it's nearly irreversible."

Mercy--a custom blend of amino acids, [image-nocss] anti-oxidants and vitamins--is formulated to replenish key nutrients and jumpstart the body's natural defenses, helping stave off hangover symptoms like headache and nausea, they added.

Mercy is not an energy drink and will not affect intoxication, according to the company, but mixed with alcohol or served on its own, Mercy helps neutralize the dangerous alcohol by-product acetaldehyde.

Mercy is cold-filled and canned, which preserves the drink's vitamins and nutrients by shielding them from heat and light.

Mercy, with 60 calories per can, is caffeine-free, naturally flavored an contains B1, a vitamin proven to help offset alcohol's negative effects.

Mixologist Alex Ott collaborated on the development of Mercy's light citrus flavor profile, using a blend of lemon, lemongrass and jasmine. He has created more than 270 cocktail menus for celebrities, awards shows (including the Academy Awards, Emmys and MTV VMAs), restaurants, bars and clubs around the globe.

"The challenge for us wasn't developing a beverage that was packed with a high level of nutrients," said Ott. "It was creating one that would be rewarding to the palate as well as the body. Perfecting the flavor profiles of functional beverages requires a nuanced and studied approach. To create Mercy's unique citrus essence, I called on my background in biochemistry and my years of exposure to countless flavors and fragrances."

Mercy, currently available online, plans to expand to bars, restaurants and hotels. It retails for $11.50 for a four-pack of 8.4-oz. cans. www.drinkmercy.com