Liquor Store Chain Weighs in on Indiana Cold Beer Sales

C-stores, gas stations should face same "cumbersome" restrictions, it argues

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis-based liquor store chain wants to intervene in a federal lawsuit filed by gas stations, convenience stores and other businesses seeking to overturn a law banning them from selling cold beer.

Attorneys for the 21st Amendment liquor store chain have filed a motion to intervene in the suit filed by the Indiana Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association and several store owners, reported The Indianapolis Star.

The motion by the 19-store chain says if the court overturns Indiana's ban, pharmacies, gas stations and grocers should face the same restrictions liquor stores do. Attorney Michael Wukmer, attorney for 21st Amendment, told the newspaper that the plaintiffs might find the rules liquor stores operate under to be cumbersome:

  • Locating at least 200 feet from churches.
  • Locating within town or city limits.
  • Allowing only customers 21 and older to enter.
  • Requiring employees to hold special permits to sell alcohol.
  • Allowing only one store for every 8,000 residents of a town or city.
  • *Requiring the holder of a license to sell carryout beer to live in Indiana.
  • Closing on Sundays.