Miller Fortune: Don't Call It 'Bourbon-Like'

Brewer sets the record straight about its new product coming Feb. 10

Steve Holtz, Editor in Chief, CSP Daily News

Miller Fortune: Don't Call it 'Bourbon-Like'

CHICAGO -- Earlier this week, Bloomberg News Service wrote a story (“MillerCoors Seeks Spirits Fans With Bourbon-Like Lager”) about a new beer from MillerCoors called Miller Fortune, that launches the week of Feb. 10.

Since that story ran, there have been several follow-up stories "that inaccurately portray Miller Fortune as being a bourbon-flavored beer," according to a MillerCoors spokesperson. "That is simply not true, and we’d like to set the record straight." To that end, MillerCoors offered the following clarifying Q&A:

What is Miller Fortune?

Miller Fortune is a new beer with a 6.9% ABV.  It features a rich, golden color, brewed with caramel malt and cascade hops to achieve layers of flavor and a distinctly smooth finish. The beer was brewed to deliver the complexity and depth that appeals to spirit drinkers. Spirit-inspired, yes. Spirit-infused, no. As many of you know, the beer industry as a whole has lost 7 share points to spirits (5) and wine (2) in the last 10 years. Miller Fortune was created to fight against these losses and take back legal-drinking age spirits drinkers/occasions. So, you can say it has been inspired by the success of spirits competition, and it is a darker beer that may look more bourbon-like in a glass.

What is Miller Fortune not?

Miller Fortune is not bourbon-like or a bourbon-flavored beer.

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