Phusion Projects Introduces Moskato Life

Adult beverage "drinks like moscato wine," which is gaining popularity in urban community

CHICAGO -- Phusion Projects LLC has introduced Moskato Life, a malt-based adult beverage "that drinks like a moscato wine," which is currently the third most consumed wine in the United States.

Moskato Life is a combination of light carbonation and sweetness that delivers on consumer's desire for varied drink choices. Packaged in a 750 ml bottle at 6% alcohol by volume (ABV), Moskato Life is available in two flavors--Moscato and Rose.

The product is available now in select markets with national availability by the summer's end.

The new product line showcases Phusion's ability to recognize changing consumer tastes and deliver innovative beverage flavors, it said.

In developing Moskato Life, Phusion studied the gain in popularity of moscato wine, best known for its light-bodied, sweet taste and recent recognition in the hip-hop and urban community. Traditionally an after-dinner wine, moscato has taken up new residency as a more mainstream beverage among the under 40 crowd.

"We strive to be an innovative company that recognizes trends in the beverage industry and work to develop products that align well with those opportunities," said Chris Hunter, one of the co-founders of Phusion Projects. "Moskato Life is a malt-based beverage that represents attainable luxury, showing consumers it doesn't have to cost a lot to live a lavish lifestyle."

The Moskato Life line will be supported by marketing efforts including an interactive web presence of dedicated Facebook page with targeted advertising.

Phusion Projects is a Chicago-based alcoholic beverage company that sells its products, including Four Loko, Poco Loko, Earthquake and Moskato Life, nationwide.