POM Wonderful Launches New 8-oz. Bottle

Debuts single-serving-size pomegranate juice for c-stores, grocery

LOS ANGELES -- POM Wonderful, a leading pomegranate grower and juice brand, will now offer its 100% pomegranate juice in a conveniently sized 8-ounce bottle, which will be available at grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide for an average retail price of $1.99.

Each portable bottle contains 100% all-natural juice of two California-grown POM Wonderful pomegranates--and nothing more. The 8-oz. size is ideal for those on the go, the company said, and will join POM Wonderful's family of products which include 16-oz., 24-oz., 48-oz. and 60-oz. bottles.

"At POM, we're passionate about providing smart, healthy solutions for today's busy consumer," said Laurie McCartney, chief marketing officer of POM Wonderful. "We designed the new 8-oz. size to meet the needs of consumers; it is perfect to grab on the go, enjoy on your way to work, or toss into a lunchbox for a single serving of delicious, good-for-you, pomegranate juice."

As a vertically integrated pomegranate company, POM Wonderful manages every step of the process, from growing its own Wonderful variety pomegranates to hand-picking and crushing the fruit to bottling the juice contained within. POM's "tree-to-bottle" philosophy and proprietary juicing technology ensures the highest quality juice, containing powerful polyphenol antioxidants in every serving.

Through its proprietary technology, POM Wonderful is able to use its fresh pomegranates to make its juice and extract POMx, an all-natural concentration of polyphenol antioxidants.

POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice, LITE POM and POM Tea are available year-round in the refrigerated section of produce departments in supermarkets nationwide.