Redd's Apple Ale Gets 'Wicked'

Expands brand family with Wicked Apple line extension

Redd's Wicker Apple Hard Ale

MILWAUKEE -- MillerCoors' Redd's Brewing Co. is underscoring convenience as it introduces its new Redd’s Wicked Apple. The line extension from the makers of Redd's Apple Ale is an 8% alcohol-by-volume hard ale that amplifies Redd’s crisp apple flavor for an experience that starts strong and finishes smooth.

“Redd’s Wicked Apple was created to provide a refreshing alternative to drinkers during occasions that typically have been exclusive to spirits,” said David Kroll, MillerCoors vice president of insights and innovation.  “In the national marketing campaign, we will literally show Redd’s Wicked Apple smashing its competition and, in turn, positioning itself as the only choice that’s both refreshing and hard.”

In the new product’s packaging, Redd’s Apple Ale fans will recognize familiar Redd’s iconography but with a mischievous twist. Redd’s Wicked Apple’s logo will feature playfully “horned” apple leaves and an additional black color scheme. Redd’s Wicked Apple will be available exclusively in cans to maximize convenience.

The product will launch with a fully integrated “refreshingly hard” campaign, including TV, social, digital and experiential activations. Additionally, the brand will kick off a “Most Wicked Promoter” competition in September, in which the nation’s top promoters in Atlanta and New York City will battle it out to throw the most “wicked” party and give their city ultimate bragging rights.

Redd’s Wicked Apple is available in 12-packs of 10-oz. cans, as well as 16- and 24-oz. single cans.

Redd's Brewing Co., Milwaukee, is owned by Chicago-based MillerCoors, the combined marketing entity of Miller Brewing Co. and Coors Brewing Co.