Southeast Gets Exclusive Taste of Coca-Cola Life

New CSD to roll out nationwide in October

Coca-Cole Life in The Fresh Market

ATLANTA -- Consumers in the Southeast are getting the first taste of Coca-Cola’s new lower-calorie soda Coca-Cola Life.

Grocer The Fresh Market reported on its website Monday that the mid-calorie carbonated soft drink is exclusively available in its stores through mid-October and that the test is only in select markets in Florida, Georgia, North Caroline and South Carolina.

“As a specialty grocer with a focus on providing fresh, high-quality products, we believe our shoppers will enjoy this great-tasting, lower-calorie cola sweetened from natural origins,” Karen Stout, vice president of non perishables and private label at The Fresh Market, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Coca-Cola Life was introduced in 2013 in Argentina and Chile. It replaced the high-fructose corn syrup used in regular Cocal-Cola and is instead sweetened with sugar and stevia.

The new soda is Atlanta-based Coca-Cola’s way "to attract consumers who want the full-bodied taste of regular Coke without all the calories," according to the newspaper.

A 330-ml can of Coca-Cola Life contains 89 calories. A similar size can of regular Coke has around 140 calories.

Pepsi introduced a similar product, Pepsi Next, in 2012. Coca-Cola will distribute Coca-Cola Life nationwide beginning in October.