Sweet Success Returns to Texas Retail Market

Tetco stocking Complete Fuel health shakes

SAN ANTONIO -- Sweet Success Enterprises Inc. said that its brand of health shakes is making its return debut to the Texas retail market at Tetco Inc. convenience stores.

"The Tetco account is ideal because it will give us extraordinary visibility in Texas, our brand's top market, and will fit perfectly into our planned drive time' and billboard ad campaign slated to kick off late this quarter," said Bill Gallagher, president and CEO of Sweet Success Enterprises, San Antonio. "Tetco stores offer abundant marketing possibilities including targeted customer [image-nocss] coupons, prime display areas and ample point-of-sale promotion opportunities. We also believe the placement gives the brand a leg up in its Lone Star State return debut because of the sheer volume of Texans who regularly visit the stores."

Initial shipments will target Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

Sweet Success, with its new Complete Fuel shakes, is geared to tap into the rapidly growing $40 billion nutritional beverage market.

"This is a big first step toward our goal of reestablishing a dominant position in the Texas nutritional beverage market," Gallagher said of the Tetco account.

Privately held Tetco, also headquartered in San Antonio, has 150 stores throughout Texas. There are 72 Tetco stores in the Dallas region, the brand's largest market in Texas. Tetco stores are coupled with Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell-branded fueling stations, among others.

Initial shipments of Sweet Success Complete Fuel shakes are also now or soon to be available in Florida, another of the brand's top markets. And the company started retail distribution two weeks ago in the Las Vegas market.

In Texas, the company is also seeking availability on shelves at Whole Foods Markets, H-E-B Central Market, Wild Oats Market Inc, Rice Epicurean Markets and Market Street, among others.

Sweet Success Enterprises acquired the Sweet Success brand in 2002, including all formulas, copyrights, trademarks, records and research. It has since redeveloped the meal replacement beverage to tap into the rapidly growing demand for convenient and nutritious "super foods" that can fit into a fitness or weight-loss plan. Its core Complete Fuel product now comes in two flavors and is designed for mainstream appeal and to satiate without appetite suppressants. It provides sufficient nutrition to act as a meal substitute, the company said, with ingredients such as Aktivated Barley for endurance, ground flax to provide omega-3 fatty acids for heart health and guarana for a natural energy boost.