Topping It Off

New Grolsch Light introduced in high style

CHICAGO -- One of the best seats in baseball is in the famed bleachers at Wrigley Field. One of the hardest seats to get is on the rooftops across the street from the 91-year-old shrine in Chicago. On Monday, this is where United States Beverage LLC launched Grolsch Light Lager, the company's first light beer.

The new brew is being introduced to the Chicago market this week as test-marketing gears up in six states: Illinois, Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona and New Jersey. Grolsch Light has 107 calories (just slightly above other light beers) and 4% [image-nocss] alcohol (again, slightly more than a typical light beer).

Grolsch is distributed by United States Beverage, Stamford, Conn. United States Beverage president and CEO Joseph J. Fisch Jr. told CSP Daily News the decision to launch a light beer now was dictated by consumers. The time is right, he said. Consumers said they wanted a light beer that tasted like a traditional premium lager and Grolsch was in a position to craft such a beer, Fisch added.

Grolsch Light is expected to be released nationwide next year. Test-marketing displays will be merchandised this summer with the slogan Lighten Up. The displays invite consumers to trade up to the full-flavored taste of the new Grolsch Light Lager. It is described as having authentic Lager taste with the drinkability of a light beer.