United States Beverage Lets Grolsch Go Early

A-B to take over U.S. distribution in April

STAMFORD, Conn. -- United States Beverage and Grolsch International have reached an agreement for United States Beverage to end their representation of Grolsch in the United States effective April 1, 2006, giving new importer, Anheuser-Busch, control of the brand sooner than originally anticipated.

"For United States Beverage, this change allows us to open our doors for additional imported and craft beers, said Joseph J. Fisch, CEO of United States Beverage. Over the past four years, we have focused exclusively on Grolsch in the import sector. [image-nocss] Moving forward, we will be able to apply our efforts and competencies toward several premium brands."

Anheuser-Busch and Grolsch International announced in February that A-B would become the U.S. importer of the Grolsch traditional European beer brands beginning in 2007. Now, A-B will receive rights to the import seven months earlier.

"United States Beverage has built the Grolsch brand to a great level from which Anheuser-Busch can grow the brand, said Rob Snel, President, Grolsch International. We thank them for their hard work and wish them continued success."

Fisch said he is proud of the growth his company has brought to the Grolsch brand. "United States Beverage and our distributor network have done a terrific job building Grolsch during the past four years, he said. When we began importing the brand, it was experiencing double-digit sales declines with limited distribution and focus. As the new importer, United States Beverage created a much more contemporary brand position with updated packaging while enhancing the Grolsch distribution network that has been providing double-digit growth. In fact, in the year 2005 Grolsch sales increases were double that of the over-all import category."

He added, Our team also developed and successfully tested and introduced nationally Grolsch Light Lager. I am very proud of the work and the value that we have added to the Grolsch brand and we wish them continued success in the future."

Industry consultant Seymour L. Leikind of Leikind Consulting LLC of Manhattan, commented on this matter, "United States Beverage deserves tremendous kudos for their work with Grolsch. The USB commitment to utilize the full extent of its sales and marketing resources worked magic for Grolsch. Bottom line, USB increased Grolsch sales and distributor efforts significantly. USB deserves an A+ for its accomplishments."

United States Beverage is a premium imported/craft beer and specialty malt beverage sales and marketing company located in Stamford, Conn. U.S. Beverage provides a national distribution network for a portfolio of premium brands.