Xyience Unveils Expanded Xenergy Product Line

Adds flavors, updates package design

LAS VEGAS -- Xyience offered an exclusive preview of three innovative noncarbonated beverages that combine energy with other beverage formats: hydration, tea and lemonade. New Xenergy + True Hydration, Xenergy + Tea and Xenergy + Lemonade debut at the 2012 NACS Show in Las Vegas.

The beverages are packaged in Xenergy's signature 16-ounce silver can that's been modified to better communicate the brand's core proposition: a sugar-free, zero calorie, vitamin fortified energy beverage that is made with only natural flavors and colors.

The company will launch the new beverages in lead markets in the Western and Midwestern United States in early 2013; other regions will follow. The average retail price for a single can is $2.29 to $2.79.

According to Xyience president John Lennon, the new Xenergy beverages reflect the brand's commitment to its target market: adults leading an active lifestyle.

"This is a very natural evolution for Xyience Xenergy; we are a lifestyle brand catering to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and active adults," said Lennon, who noted that the brand considers itself as an energy drink for the health club, not the nightclub. "We earned our place as the fastest growing of the top 10 energy drink brand by delivering on taste and product performance. Combining energy with other beverage formats is a powerful consumer proposition."

Xenergy + True Hydration is a noncarbonated beverage designed for use before, during or after a workout. It contains no caffeine, sugar or calories and comes in two classic flavors, Grape and Tropical Punch. True Hydration provides a combination of electrolytes that restores the body's fluids and pH levels. It's fortified with a blend of B vitamins that attacks fatigue by breaking down and converting carbohydrates, fat and protein into glucose, which is an energy source.

Xenergy + Tea is a noncarbonated beverage available in two flavors, Raspberry Acai and Honey Ginseng. Using only natural flavors and colors, Xenergy + Tea is sugar-free, has zero calories and offers the same functional ingredients as original Xenergy Energy.

"Blending black tea with Raspberry and Acai provides a flavor that's bold, yet not overwhelming," said Susan Curry, Xyience's vice president of operations, who oversees the development of the brand's flavors. "Acai is indigenous to Brazil, where mixed martial arts is wildly popular. So while both flavors are trending in beverages, it was especially fun for us to develop a beverage that has a special significance to our brand."

(Since its launch in 2006, XYIENCE Xenergy has been the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the UFC.)

Xenergy + Tea offers 10 mg of caffeine per ounce, which is slightly less than Xyience's Xenergy that has 11.5 mg of caffeine per ounce.

Xenergy + Lemonade adds a twist to one of the most classic beverages. Offered in Pineapple and Raspberry, Xyience blends the essence of two sweet fruits that bring balance to the tart nature of lemon. The result is an energy beverage with 10 mg of caffeine per ounce and the same blend of B vitamins and other functional ingredients as original Xenergy Energy. The beverage was designed for revitalizing after a workout or during the workday.

Xyience has also updated the package design for the Xenergy product line.

"Our consumer wants to make educated choices about food and beverages. The modifications we implemented allow us to clearly communicate information regarding functional ingredients at first glance," said Lennon.

He said that Xyience's is taking a leadership role by including its caffeine content for each product on its packaging.

By increasing its product line, the company said that it is hoping for greater visibility on the retail floor.

"With more shelf space, Xyience's visual impact will be really powerful," said Reuben Rios, Xyience's vice-president of U.S. sales. "To match our product innovations, we're also rolling out new in-store promotions and merchandising options to support our retailers and our brand's growth."

In third-quarter 2012, Xyience expects to exceed its record-setting sales recorded in second-quarter 2012, it said. Its U.S. sales growth is up 30% for 2012. This year, Xyience's retail store count increased by nearly 20%, it added, bringing the brand into approximately 45,000 stores around the United States thanks to its growing number of distribution partnerships on the East Coast and in the Southeast.