Yuengling Coming to Dayton

Speedway, UDF, other retailers to carry beer that has not been available west of Pennsylvania

DAYTON, Ohio -- Yuengling, a Pennsylvania beer long unavailable in Ohio, will hit Dayton retail shelves and bar taps on the last day of October, reported the Dayton Business Journal. Speedway and United Dairy Farmers (UDF), along with Arrow Wine, Kroger and Dorothy Lane Market are among the stores that will carry the brew, Rob VanMetre, Yuengling brand manager for Heidelberg Distributing Co. in Dayton, told the newspaper.

Yuengling fans across the region have been transporting cases of the beer across the border for years, said the report.

"It is the biggest beer release since Coors," VanMetre said.

He said the beer has a strong Dayton fanbase who have had Yuengling elsewhere. And he hopes to introduce the beer to those who have never had it before.

The beer previously has been available across the Eastern Seaboard, but not west of Pennsylvania, the report said.

Yuengling has strong roots in cities such as Pittsburgh, where it is found at most every bar and restaurant. It is also reportedly President Barack Obama's favorite beer.

The beer has several varieties including the traditional amber, Yuengling Light and Yuengling Black and Tan.

The beer will be priced similarly to Miller and Budweiser products, said the report.

Yuengling is America's oldest brewery, dating back to 1829.