Beverage category news for the convenience store retail industry.

College football! Boxing! Bocce?

Where we stand with the nation's 'No. 1 biggest trend' in state and local tax issues

Part 3 of a 7-part report Philadelphia retailers report beverage sales down as much as 55% . In Chicago, a legal question of constitutionality briefly delayed the enactment of a soda tax by a month, and retailers have since been subject to a barrage of lawsuits by consumers. And in Boulder, Colo.,...

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Sugary soda drinks

Effort underway as Philadelphia reviews sobering new study

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Which three segments kept the category from being a total loss?

7-Eleven store
Retailer donates cash, bottled water to Florida
Nearly 400 employees laid off as company 'simplifies' its business.

New brews bring trendy tastes and seasonal flavors to store shelves

McDonalds McCafe
RTD launch to accompany brand refresh