Beverage category news for the convenience store retail industry.

Accelerated drop due to price hikes, fickle consumers

NEW YORK -- A decline in U.S. soft-drink sales volume accelerated sharply last year, as The Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and other beverage companies failed to overcome flagging consumer interest in big soda brands and grappled with rising commodity costs that pushed the prices of those drinks...

Celebrity labels boosting wine, spirits sales

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. -- Celebrity-driven alcohol beverage products—those branded with the name of, or directly associated with a famous individual—are gaining popularity in the United States, and wine is emerging as the star of the show, according to The Nielsen Co. Gaining marketing leverage from...

Point of differentiation, unique marketing paramount in new-product launches

DALLAS -- The challenge of bringing new product to market was among topics put under the microscope during CSP's Vault Beverage Category Review Meeting held in Dallas on Wednesday. While retailers agree new products can be the lifeblood of the beverage category, they also insist such products must...

Miller High Life has launched Miller High Life Extras, a loyalty program that will reward consumers who are "living the high life.".
Beverage company gets new name, emphasizes innovation
Retailer offering energy drink from Thailand
Follows deals with Royal Farms, Fas Mart, NOCO, more
Combining two top-selling beverage concepts—coffee and frozen carbonated beverages—into one new drink, 7-Eleven Inc. has created the Slurpuccino.
Chicago, Dallas possible, but don't count Milwaukee out.
Wal-Mart, Family Dollar tinker with food, beverage mix