Beverage category news for the convenience store retail industry.

Four new retailers, five new distributors pick up beverage

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Efforts to expand Jolt's distribution into new regions and markets have moved ahead, with the addition of five new distributors and new key retail accounts covering the Northwest, the beverage company said. Jolt Energy has added four key retailers: Plaid Pantry Inc., Beaverton,...

PepsiCo piloting climate-friendly vender

ATLANTA -- The Coca-Cola Co. will soon offer consumers a way to purchase cold beverages with great interactive entertainment thrown in. Introduced in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics and showcased at Simon dTour live, new high-tech interactive vending machines are being tested this spring in select...

Greenopia ranks "green" beverages

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Honest Tea ranked No. 1 in Greenopia's Top 6 Green soft drinks study, Greenopis, an online directory for green, sustainable and socially conscious, daily purchase decisions, named the leading green soft drinks available across America at restaurants, grocers and convenience...

New data shows out-of-stocks taking a bigger toll on cold-vault beverage sales
Energy drinks and enhanced waters advanced; carbonated soft drinks declined again
TalkingRain Beverage Co. has announced the appointment of Kevin McClafferty as new vice president of sales.
PepsiCo's new Aquafina "Eco-Fina Bottle" will save 75 million lbs. of plastic a year.
$15.6 million deal, with option to buy, will take regional brand national
Md. turns to old law for new revenue with "fountain" tax.
Beverage maker hopes deal will solidify presence in West