Beverage category news for the convenience store retail industry.
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From big beer brands to niche sodas and waters, here are a half-dozen manufacturers that named new executives in recent weeks …

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Drink maker hopes to drive sampling with relaunch of no-calorie brand

ATLANTA -- Coca-Cola Co. is reformulating and renaming Coca-Cola Zero in an effort to improve the flavor—i.e., better approximate the taste of regular Coca-Cola—and drive consumer sampling of the carbonated soft drink. The no-calorie soft drink will now go by the name Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, touting...

Cook County soda tax

Decision could determine constitutionality of municipal fundraising efforts

CHICAGO -- A Cook County, Ill., judge has extended a temporary restraining order blocking a pending soda tax for at least another week. Judge Daniel Kubasiak heard arguments in the case on July 21 and said he will rule on the issue on Friday, July 28. The restraining order was put in place June 30...

Pepsi logo
Nooyi appoints new president, fills two other roles
Alta Palla
Part of effort to invest in nonalcohol sector
7-eleven tradeshow

Franchisees get a look at innovation in CSDs, energy drinks, beer and more

Cans of soda

Sagging sales, soda taxes and craft beer’s growing pangs

heineken beer
Partners with U.S. Beverage to build portfolio in the States
Coca-Cola bottles
And four that are losing ground
Brewing the American Dream Collaboration Pack
Limited-time package offers beers from across the country