Fairmont, W.Va.: The Town Without a Sheetz … for Now

Facebook plea brings retailer's food truck to community for appreciation day

Photo: Laura Stickles Chickerell via Facebook

FAIRMONT, W.Va. -- Sheetz Inc. brought its food truck and coffee truck to Fairmont, W.Va., earlier this week for a Sheetz Appreciation Day in a town that does not yet have a Sheetz convenience store, reported WBOY-TV. Members of the Facebook group "What Fairmont Needs Is" said they have been calling and writing to Sheetz hoping that if they are persistent enough, Sheetz will build a store in Fairmont.

The truck gave away free samples, coupons and prizes and WVAQ was there with a live radio remote.

"They have listened and they have showed up today," Fairmont resident Jeremy Ryan Smallwood told the news outlet. "We hope that if enough people come, it will show a demand that Sheetz is a great place."

Sheetz representatives said the company has received hundreds of requests for a store from Fairmont residents and the organization wanted to show it was listening.

"The excitement and the intensity of the requests is very exciting to us as a company," Sheetz manger of coffee concepts and event marketing John Notte told WBOY. "So we are really happy to be here and at least bring a little bit of Sheetz here to Fairmont without being able to put a store here yet."

Fairmont residents came to the Sheetz Appreciation Day to sample pastries, coffee, and to even play games.

Some Fairmont residents said Sheetz really showed what kind of company it is by the way it was willing to dedicate its time to the community, the report said.

Sheetz representatives said they are currently searching for the perfect spot to put a store.

For starters, they said they need two acres in a high traffic area.

Click here to view pictures from the event posted on Facebook by Smallwood. And click here to view additional pictures posted on Facebook by Chickerell.

Altoona, Pa.-based Sheetz has more than $5 billion in annual revenue and more than 15,000 employees. The company operates approximately 425 locations throughout Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and West Virginia.