Growler Station Invades Idaho

Partners with Jacksons Stores to launch "Beer Pump"

Growler Station (CSP Daily News / Conveniecne Stores / Beverages / Foodservice)

IRVINE, Calif. -- In less than four months, retailers have opened 12 Growler Station Express locations throughout Idaho with the majority of the store-in-store solutions located in the Boise and Twin Falls area. The GS Express setups are located mainly within convenience stores and at Albertsons grocery stores.

Growler Station Express locations can be found at Gem Stop, Nampa; Jackson's, Boise, M&W Markets, Boise; North End Chevron, Boise; Stinker Stores, Boise; Beacon Light Chevron, Garden City; Gowen Chevron, Boise; Fast Eddy's, Meridian (three locations); and Albertsons, Boise.

Two additional locations are scheduled to open next month, resulting in a total of 19 Growler Station Express locations in the Idaho market in less than one year.

"We are very excited about our rapid expansion within the Idaho market," said Tony Lane, executive vice president and co-founder of The Growler Station, Irvine, Calif. "By partnering with brand name convenience stores, and with Albertsons Stores, we are expecting significant growth in Idaho in the coming months and years, to complement our continued expansion throughout the U.S."

In addition The Growler Station has partnered with Jacksons Stores to launch their growler filling station brand named "The Beer Pump, powered by The Growler Station."'

Across the United States, The Growler Station has partnered with Total Wine, ABC Fine Wine and Liquors, Price Chopper Grocery Stores and other convenience store chains resulting in a national footprint of more than 80 locations.

"The Growler Station Express solution generates on the low end approximately $700 per square foot and on the high end approximately $1,800 per square foot in retails sales," said Piero Broccardo, CEO of The Growler Station. "The relatively small footprint and high dollar-per-square-foot sales metric makes The Growler Station Express solution a great option for any retailer looking to generate sales from potential dead space within their store environment."

As the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Pegas counter pressure growler filling equipment, The Growler Station has combined grower filling with the Digital Eco System to offer a turnkey, self-contained, store-in-store growler filling kiosk with its own digital menu system, called The Growler Station Express.

Part of CSP's 2014 Convenience Top 101 retailers