Hot Stuff Foods Heats Up Breakfast Battle

Aiming to help c-stores "take back breakfast" from fast feeders

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Hot Stuff Foods has launched an initiative to help in retailer's efforts to "take back breakfast" by lowering food costs and introducing new products and incentives.

"Fast-food restaurants have amped up their efforts to take the traditionally strong breakfast business from convenience stores," said Craig VanHyfte, vice president of marketing for Hot Stuff Foods. "And Hot Stuff Foods is arming our retailer partners with lower food costs and other advantages to recapture a greater share of the market. We are boldly proclaiming with our franchise partners [image-nocss] that we are taking back breakfast while providing the unmatched convenience and choices that c-stores have long been reputed for."

According to VanHyfte, immediate steps include:

Lower Retail Pricing: Hot Stuff Foods has introduced a new pricing structure while maintaining the same high-quality ingredients and keeping portion sizes the same or greater than national QSR brands. Suggested retail prices begin at 99 cents to also go head-to-head with freestanding fast-food outlets. America's No. 1 Breakfast Carrier: Hot Stuff Foods has rolled out a full line of the most popular breakfast item in Americathe English muffin sandwich. Hot Stuff now has five English muffin sandwiches including Sausage, Egg & Cheese, Ham, Egg & Cheese, Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Egg & Cheese and Sausage.

Most Extensive Product Line Among National Quick-Serve Franchises: In addition to Hot Stuff Food's new line of English muffins, the company offers one of the most extensive menu line of any national quick-serve franchise. These include biscuit and croissant sandwiches, breakfast pizzas, Cinnobabies (mini gourmet cinnamon rolls), muffins, donuts, stuffed sandwiches, French Toast & Maple Sausage Sandwich, breakfast burritos and Chorizo tacos.

Improved "Car-Friendly" Business Driving Packaging: Hot Stuff Breakfast Sandwiches now come in the "New Breakfast Wrap." During pilot testing of the new packaging, more than 80% of retailers reported an increase in breakfast sandwich sales due to packaging changes and consumers reported the new packaging was easier to handle and more accommodating for dashboard dining.

Incentive Program: Hot Stuff Foods has designed an exclusive rewards program that incentivizes foodservice managers and employees for growing breakfast sales within individual stores.

Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Hot Stuff Foods franchises and licenses its branded food concepts in more than 1,200 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Hot Stuff Foods also offers Lettieri's Food To Go through distributors across the United States.