Motorists Rank Candy Bars, Fries Best Foods to Eat While Driving

Hold the soup, spaghetti, says

FOSTER CITY, Calif. -- Drivers score candy bars and french fries as the best foods to eat while driving, according to a new survey by

While American motorists are widely divided in their top picks for car food, 16% would choose a candy bar. The go-to snack food scored well on a number of attributes: It can be eaten with one hand, it doesn't drip and it's tasty. Out of the 15 foods included in's survey, candy bars also rated highest for not leaving a smell in the car.

French fries were a very close second for best car food, with 15% choosing the hot potato sticks. As with candy bars, fries made it to the top of list due to high scores for being a one-handed food, nondrippy and tasty.

French fries would have ranked No. 1 if they left less odor in the car. Only tacos rated worse for lingering smell.

Best foods to eat while driving

  1. Candy bar: 16%
  2. French fries: 15%
  3. Potato chips: 9%
  4. Chicken nuggets: 8%
  5. Doughnut: 8%
  6. Fresh fruit: 8%
  7. Hamburger: 7%
  8. Breakfast sandwich: 6%
  9. Other: 6%
  10. Sandwich: 5%
  11. Hot dog: 3%
  12. Ice cream cone: 3%
  13. Burrito: 2%
  14. Pizza: 2%
  15. Taco: 2%

Granola bars and nuts were the top write-in candidates for "other."

"Our own analysis confirmed candy bars are indeed the best food for the road," said Amy Danise, editorial director of "Any food that can gush its components, like sandwiches or tacos, proved undesirable."