QuikTrip Rolls Out New Concept

Customer input instrumental in changing facility, expanding foodservice offer

TULSA, Okla. -- QuikTrip Corp. is expanding its empire with new concept stores on its Tulsa, Okla., home turf, the first of which is now open, reported NewsOn6-TV. Tulsa is the test market, said the report. The new concept store includes 16 gasoline dispensers, but no parking in front. Instead, there are picnic tables. All of the parking is on the sides.

"We like to think the new design will free up a lot of that congestion, not only in the store but at the pumps and in the parking lot," QuikTrip spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh told The Tulsa World last October when [image-nocss] the new concept was first announced. (Click here for previous CSP Daily News coverage.)

Thornbrugh said the new concept was created with input from QuikTrip's customers. "We spent the last two years interviewing and talking to customers on what they'd like to see," he told NewsOn6.

Inside, customers wanted more of just about everything, said the report.

"Convenience, anything you want. Any of the drinks you want. Whipped topping on your cappuccino," a customer told the news outlet.

There are 5,700 square feet of food and beverages, including 22 flavors of smoothies and freezonis, more hot dogs and hot food and an emphasis on take-and-bake food, such as lasagna and pizza. The new concept stores also have computers that allow customers to use touchscreens to order coffee drinks.

"We made the commitment years ago that we were going to get into the fresh food business and this store really gives us the opportunity to keep expanding on that offer," said Thornbrugh.

"It feels like one of those restaurants that they have on the turnpike where you're coming and going from different directions," a customer said.

"I think it's great, kind of one-stop shopping," another customer told the news outlet.

If business continues at its current pace, QuikTrip could soon expand its empire even further, the report said. Soon there will be three of these new QuikTrips in the Tulsa area, it said.