Starbucks: We Won’t Comply with NYC Large-Beverage Ban

Dunkin’ Donuts tells customers to add their own cream & sugar

NEW YORK -- Coffee giant Starbucks says it won’t immediately comply with the ban on large sugary drinks set to go in effect Tuesday in New York City, citing ongoing legal attempts to overturn the regulation and the company’s belief that most of its products are not subject to the ban, according to a Yahoo News report.

The coffee chain’s announcement comes amid criticism from restaurants, bars, movie theaters, bodegas and others subject to the law. City officials haven’t fully explained how the regulation, set to go into effect March 12, will be enforced.

“We believe that the majority of our products fall outside of the ban given the ability of our customers to customize their beverage,” Starbucks said in a statement to Yahoo News. “As there is still ongoing litigation regarding the regulation, we’re not making any immediate changes at this time. We are evaluating which changes we may need to make to our recipes and product offerings and will be using this three-month evaluation period to make the appropriate changes for our customers and to fully comply with the new beverage restrictions.”

Meanwhile, Dunkin' Donuts began displaying signs in some New York locations telling customers they will now be responsible for adding cream and sugar to their own drinks. Other beverages, like iced coffees, would be sold only in small and medium size, the chain announced.

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