Subway Breakfast Menu Debuts

And BK shows imitation is sincerest form of flattery...and competition

MILFORD, Conn. & MIAMI -- The Subway restaurant chain officially launched its breakfast sandwich menu yesterday. And Burger King has rolled out two additions to its morning menu, one of whichas its own ad proclaimsis "not that original, but it's super affordable."

The Subway's offering includes a Western Egg White Muffin Melt omelet on a light wheat English muffin containing 4 grams of fat. As previously reported, breakfast will now be available in more than 25,000 Subway locations throughout the United States and Canada. (Click here for previous CSP Daily News coverage.)

Subway will offer four Fresh Fit Egg White Muffin Melts that are each under 180 calories, contain less than 4.5 g of fat and have 5 g fiber. In addition to the Western Egg & Cheese omelet sandwich, which is made with Black Forest Ham, Red Onions and Green Peppers, other omelet sandwich choices include, Egg & Cheese, Black Forest Ham & Cheese, and Steak, Egg & Cheese.

The breakfast menu also features healthier sides, such as yogurt and apple slices, as well as Seattle's Best coffee.

Like all sandwiches and salads offered at the Subway chain, the breakfast sandwiches will be made right in front of customers to their specifications with all the choices available at a Subway restaurant. No other quick-serve restaurant (QSR) offers personalized breakfast sandwiches, it said. Customers can choose to have their breakfast sandwiches made on any seasoned six-inch or footlong breads, flatbread or light wheat English muffin.

"With all of our sandwich offerings, we are careful to make sure we meet the high standard we set for ourselves by providing a satisfying meal with a varied range of flavor profiles," said Subway executive chef, Chris Martone. "In the end, though, it is the customers that create the best sandwiches with the choices they make with toppings, sauces, cheeses, breads and condiments. Our breakfast will be no different. Customers can have a little fun with this meal by adding anything from sliced tomatoes to spicy jalapenos to our signature Sweet Onion Sauce on a regular or egg white omelet sandwich."

The chain's full menu will be available as well as breakfast.

"Breakfast is an important meal because it provides the fuel your body needs to start your day," said Subway dietitian Lanette Kovachi. "But some people often skip breakfast or make less than optimal choices while on the run. By offering an item such as an egg white omelet, which can be complimented by adding any of our fresh vegetables, on a light wheat English muffin or 9-Grain bread, customers can now enjoy a great, as well as a smart and nutritious, way to start their day."

The breakfast launch will be supported by a national advertising campaign. National broadcast will feature 15- and 30-second spots across all time slots including primetime. Additionally, the launch will be supported with social media, radio, PR and digital executions.

Milford, Conn.-based Subway has more than 32,000 locations in 91 countries.

Meanwhile, Miami-based Burger King Corp. last week announced the newest additions to its breakfast menu lineup, the BK Breakfast Muffin sandwich and BK Breakfast Bowl. Available for just $1 at participating restaurants, the BK Breakfast Muffin sandwich features savory sausage, egg and melted American cheese on a freshly baked English muffin. It's the latest menu item available on the BK Breakfast Value Menu, which launched in early 2007.

"The BK Breakfast Muffin sandwich provides more value for the money to our guests," said John Schaufelberger, senior vice president, global product marketing and innovation for Burger King. "We took a breakfast sandwich that has proven likeability among consumers and are delivering it at a great price."

The BK Breakfast Muffin sandwich takes aim at Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald's Corp.'s breakfast muffin sandwich and is being promoted by a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign. "This provocative campaign highlights the King's edgy antics," said Brian Gies, vice president, marketing impact for Burger King. Dubbed "The Sneaky King," the 30- and 15-second commercials, airing nationally, feature the King" taking matters into his own hands as he works to deliver a breakfast sandwich he knows guests love for $1."

In addition to the BK Breakfast Muffin sandwich, participating Burger King restaurants nationwide will also feature the new, premium BK Breakfast Bowl. This menu item features all of the ingredients of a typical breakfast platter, combining roasted southwestern potatoes, grilled onions and peppers, scrambled eggs and savory sausage topped with a three-cheese blend and a smoky cheese sauce. In-restaurant merchandising will support this all-in-one breakfast experience, which is available for a suggested retail price of $2.79.

The Burger King system operates more than 12,000 restaurants in all 50 states and in 73 countries and U.S. territories worldwide.