Top Breakfast Trends Going into 2013

Menu tracker underscores larger foodservice industry directions

LOS ANGELES -- Datassential is monitoring the changes on breakfast menus that are impacting operator offerings and consumer purchases. Using its MenuTrends platform, which tracks more than 7,000 menus annually, Datassential has concluded that since 2008, the top five fastest-growing breakfast varieties are yogurt, frittatas, oatmeal, burritos, and huevos rancheros.

A complete rundown of the top trends:

Menu Item Growth ('12 vs. '08)




Huevos Rancheros--11%



Corned Beef Hash--6%



Ham & Eggs--3%

French Toast--2%

Steak and Eggs--1%

Paying particular attention to menu items showing the most growth, it's evident that each one represents a sub-trend in the industry--frittatas representing an overall push toward creative egg dishes; yogurt and oatmeal representing consumers' desire for healthful ingredients; sandwiches representing delicious portability; and huevos rancheros representing an embrace of Mexican flavors, according to Datassential, Los Angeles.

As more and more consumers look for culinary innovation, more and more operators are introducing these popular items at their restaurants.