TurboChef Earns Subway Honors

Sandwich-maker honors foodservice-equipment-maker

ATLANTA -- TurboChef Technologies Inc. was recognized by Subway Restaurants last month. The foodservice-equipment maker received two awardsthe President's Award and the Vendor of the Year awardat the Subway Conference held in Honolulu July 22-24.

The President's Award is given to a company president who has brought exceptional leadership qualities and strategic vision to our business, said Susanne Greco, director of research and development for Subway, Bridgeport, Conn. Richard Perlman [chairman of TurboChef] is a very deserving individual who [image-nocss] has brought financial strength, professionalism and a strategic plan to provide the foundation for a very successful rollout of the Subway toaster ovens.

On behalf of the entire company, I am honored and delighted to be the recipient of the

President's Award, said Perlman. There is no limit to what can be achieved when two great companies, filled with talented and dedicated people, come together and work toward a common goal. I applaud the herculean efforts made by my fellow TurboChef colleagues to successfully roll out the toasting initiative with our partners at Subway.

Together with Subway, we have defined a new level of partnership resulting in a very successful toasting initiative, enhanced customer demand and revenue growth.

Atlanta-based TurboChef also won the Vendor of the Year award presented by Jan Risi, president and CEO of IPC, Subway franchisees' purchasing cooperative.

Last spring, we presented TurboChef with a huge challenge: to build and distribute over 18,000 speed-cook ovens to the Subway system in under 200 days, said Risi. Not only did they meet the challenge and our high expectations, they went the extra mile in product quality, oven performance, and an unrivaled level of service and support. These factors ensured a successful rollout and laid a firm foundation for expansion and capability for the future.

When we asked all of our stakeholders within Subway to weigh in on the nomination of TurboChef, there was no discussion; it was unanimous. We feel that TurboChef looks at our business strategically and as a whole going above and beyond business as usual. TurboChef has quickly become one of our most valued and trusted partners. We appreciate their unwavering commitment to Subway and feel they are very worthy recipients of the Vendor of the Year award.

As of July 2005, TurboChef has delivered over 21,000 Tornado speed-cook ovens to the Subway system in the U.S. and abroad.