Casey's Restricts Energy Drinks Sales

Retailer won't sell the products to minors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Casey's General Stores Inc. is refusing to sell energy drinks or shots to minors, according to a report by KLCTV.

The Casey's General Store is just doing this as a precaution. There is no legal age limit to buy energy drinks in Kansas or Missouri.

Casey's checks identification for only a select few energy drinks, but an 18 and over ID is required for everything found in their "energy end cap" section.

The concern is with the high concentrations on caffeine and vitamins. Casey's fears most people won't stop with just one drink.

"Below the age of 18 basically sometimes they don't make the best decisions, it's not the fact that one shot has more caffeine then a cup of coffee, it's the fact they could buy five of them and make a very concentrated drink and drink it all at once," Brian Johnson, a spokesperson for Ankeny, Iowa-based Casey's General Store, told the news outlet.

Casey's said it considers itself a family friendly retailer. It didn't feel right selling the drinks to children, so it made the decision not to, said the report.

QuikTrip stores have a similar policy. In a statement it provided to KSHB-TV, it said, "product abuse by young customers is a real concern of ours."

Casey's owns and operates approximately 1,750 c-stores in 14 Greater Midwestern states--Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Tulsa, Okla.-based QuikTrip has 660 stores in 11 states.