Discus Dental Gets Fresh With TNT

C-store broker will market BreathRx gum

CULVER CITY, Calif. -- TNT Marketing has been selected by Discus Dental Inc. as its national convenience store broker to market BreathRx sugar-free gum and mints to convenience stores.

Discus Dental is expanding its sales of BreathRx gum and mintsthe only gum and mints with ZYTEX (essential oils and ionized zinc in a lipophilic suspension)to the c-store class of trade. Until now, the products have been available only through dentists. BreathRx does not mask halitosis, the company said, it fights the cause of bad breath and works for hours.

BreathRx promises to be a wonderful impulse purchase for the c-store customer, said Discus Dental. With a high percentage of breath-conscious consumers, the market is ready for this product that can be used after coffee or smoking breaks, after meals or before a date or interview.

A TV advertising campaign is designed to make the BreathRx brand top of mind with consumers nationwide and the tailored c-store-friendly packaging will make stocking the product simple for retailers, it said.

Founded in 1993, Culver City, Calif.-based Discus Dental markets and distributes clinical and aesthetic products to dental professionals and oral care products direct to consumers. The company also provides practice management software, practice building tools and services, as well as industry training for the dental community.

TNT, Arlington, Texas, is a sales and marketing organization for the c-store industry. It represents many recognized consumer products in top c-store categories, including automotive, beverages, foodservice, frozen foods, grocery, general merchandise, HBC and salty and sweet snacks. Bayer, ConAgra, Dole, General Mills, Mattel, Playtex, Procter & Gamble (Duracell/Gillette), and Trojan are among the category-leading brands in the TNT portfolio. TNT's c-storologists maintain established partnerships with c-store wholesalers and retailers nationwide.