First Look at Next Week's Weather: April 13-19

Spring warmth spreads for the Easter run-up week

weather map for week of April 13, 2014

How temperatures are expect to fare for the week of April 13, compared to last year.

BERWYN, Pa. -- Spring warmth is expected to spread across much of the country in the week leading up to Easter, according to projections by Planalytics, the Berwyn, Pa.-based business weather intelligence firm, growing demand for spring items, particularly in the West. Meanwhile, April showers and severe weather threats continue in the East.

For reference, next week in 2013, the U.S. had its coolest second week of April since 2009 and the most rainfall since 1969. Snowfall was the most since 1983. Canada had its coolest second week of April since 2000, with above normal precipitation. Easter Sunday last year (March 31, 2013) was the coldest since 2009 in the United States and the coldest since 2008 in Canada.

Outlooks and callouts for this year:

  • Spring-like warmth will continue to spread across North America, although some cold shots and winter precipitation will limit spring purchasing for select locations in the East.
  • Another early-week system is expected in the East: Moderate to heavy rain will blanket much of the eastern third of the U.S. early in the week with snow possible for eastern Canadian cities, as well as interior portions of New England.
  • Roller-coaster temperatures also are expected. Below-normal temperatures engulf the Central and Eastern U.S. early week, but warming returns to the Central U.S. late in the week. The East will warm back to normal over the Easter holiday weekend.
  • Warmth in the West: Showers return to the Pacific Northwest by midweek that result in a back-to-normal cooling trend for much of the West. Temperatures will still trend warmer than last year for the majority of the week.
  • Easter weekend: Another system will bring rain and thunderstorms to the southern plains, as well as the Mississippi and Tennessee valleys. Temperatures will be warming to near normal across the East in advance of the storm. Look for the West Coast to begin a warming trend over the holiday weekend.