First Look at Next Week's Weather: April 20-26

Considerable warming trend provides demand boost for spring categories

weather map for week of april 13, 2014

BERWYN, Pa. -- A considerably warmer trend across much of the United States vs. last year will provide a boost in demand for spring product categories, while a parade of storms enhances flooding in the Midwest and Southeast, according to projections by Planalytics, the Berwyn, Pa.-based business weather intelligence firm.

For reference, next week last year in the United States, temperatures were the coolest since 1988 and cooler than normal. Rainfall was the least since 2001, although snowfall was 120% above normal. In Canada, it was cooler than both the prior year and normal. Precipitation was much less than normal, with minimal snowfall.

Here's a look at what to expect this year:

  • Next week this year, anticipate a warmer trend for most areas in North America and considerably warmer than last year, with strongest comparisons in the Eastern and Central regions. Expect favorable demand for spring apparel, lawn care and patio furniture. An active storm pattern brings above normal rain for many, particularly in the East.
  • Warmth returns to the East by midweek. A minor system over the East early week keeps the cool, wet trend in place. A stronger storm crosses the Rockies early week, bringing warmth to the Plains and to the East by midweek.
  • Storms in the Rockies move east. Along with strong Plains warmth and increased humidity comes the increased threat of severe thunderstorms, heavy showers, and further flooding continues for the Midwest and Southeast.
  • The East to be wet late week into the weekend. Weaker cool outbreak through the Plains and Great Lakes threatens the East with a wet weekend.
  • The West to be warmer and drier than normal, although cooler than last year. California remains warm and dry. Southwest desert regions should see significant heat, driving demand for fans, air  conditioners, pool care, bagged ice and seasonal apparel. Pacific Northwest to be wetter than last year.